USA’s #1 Dog Waste Bags

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The Original PottySpot Brand is the Nation’s Best Dog Waste Station Bag.  Our Dog Waste Products are High Quality and Environmentally Friendly.  PottySpot Brand Products are Known For Exceptional Strength and Durability.  We are the USA’s #1 Dog Waste Bag Because We Care About The Dog Owner Experience.


Our Mission

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PottySpot Was Founded To Provide Dog Owners With QUALITY Dog Waste Bags.  Period. Tough, thick, convenient, and environmentally friendly bags is our primary focus. Our Goal is To Make Dog Waste Cleanup a Little Less Unpleasant By Providing Dog Owners With Thick Bags. Not Those Thin Bags You See In The Produce Section. Learn More…


Industry Innovation

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Our Team is Constantly Researching New Methods and Materials To Bring You The Best Products in The Pet Waste Industry. We Promise To Constantly Strive To Develop Better Products and Delivery Processes. In The End, Industry Innovation Leads To a Better Dog Poop Bag. PottySpot Will Lead The Way!